consult_loLaser Life Coach

Medical and aesthetic laser professionals at times can feel alone and afraid to contact their peers in regard to growing their practice or implementing new ideas. Especially if they are your main competition located in your city or state.

Lorenzo Kunze (world renown laser educator) would love the opportunity to assist specialists in their consulting, mentoring and continuing education.

Lorenzo Kunze was one of the first allied health professional in the world to fire a laser for aesthetic purposes. He and his competitor Wallace (Wally) Roberts were the first (early 1990’s) to discovered that lasers could be used for permanent hair removal. Now lasers are used for anti-aging, hair, veins, wrinkles, toe fungus, cellulite and tattoo removal. Wally has since passed away, but his spirit is alive in Lorenzo’s teachings and presentations.

Lorenzo hopes to continue to offer his long legacy (40 years) of assisting aesthetic and medical professionals. What sets Lorenzo apart from other instructors, besides his years of experience…is that he has continued to work with any laser student after they have graduated from any laser school or college. Whether they are getting a job in an aesthetic or medical facility or or opening their own place.

Lorenzo enjoys his chosen profession of instructing and mentoring students from around the world. He is truly a pioneer in the laser industry and he would like to share his many years of experience and knowledge to those who want to learn.

Whether you want to work for a medical / aesthetic professional or open your own laser business, Lorenzo will offer one-on-one laser mentoring to all students.

Lorenzo can refer students to professionals that can assist them in new (state-of-the-art) lasers for sale, lease or rent. Lorenzo is also working with several aesthetic laser companies around the world that offers pre-owned lasers sales, leasing, maintenance and financing. Pre-owned lasers can cost as low as $15 – $25K, depending on wear and tear of the equipment.

One-On-One Consulting & Mentoring
Utilizing my 40-years of experience, professionals can how hire me as their personal Laser Consultant. I can assist the professional and the practice in:

  • Consulting with professionals in all aspects of their laser business
  • Consulting with the beginner in relationship to working in the laser environment
  • Additional laser instruction to any aesthetic or medical laser professional
  • Laser business questions (starting, expanding, building or selling your laser business)
  • Assisting in developing protocols, applications and/or procedures
  • Laser (rental, leasing or purchasing) equipment
Equipment & Procedure Certification

After more than 15 years from the first FDA approved medical/aesthetic laser application, Clinics, Medi-Spas and Allied Health Institutions are now in need for certifications for:

  • Continuing Education on Existing Equipment
  • In-Service Education on New / Used Lasers and Equipment
  • Mentoring Existing and New Employees of Staff
  • Insurance Coverage for Staff and Facility
  • Introducing “Off Label Use” Laser Procedures
  • Changes in Office Protocols Laser Safety / Safety Officer

consult_01Most laser professionals have acquired some sort of certification, however over time continuing education makes good sense. If you are new to the field and need to be trained, we can make recommendations on where to take your initial training. Insurance companies prefer that laser clinics are up to date with laser safety and protocols. Also, staff can change and new employees and independent contractors need to be certified on all equipment.

American Laser College provides certification to show insurance companies that proper polices and procedures have been employed and that all staff members have a safety strategy program in place.


Lorenzo can assist you in finding the newest in laser technology as well as trading in your older model lasers so your facility can keep up with the latest trends and procedures.

Utilizing a financial group that knows how to assist you in putting your cash back in your cash flow is a smart move. With tax incentives and write offs a necessity to improving your bottom line profits, it makes sense to talk to a professional.


As a medical and aesthetic laser pioneer and having taught 1000′s of laser professionals throughout the world – Lorenzo Kunze has introduced several products that can assist specialists to perfect their applications and procedures. Here are a few featured products:

Sun / Age Spot, Skin Tag, Spider Vein, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Milia, Cherry Hemangioma

(Thermo=heat / Lo=Lorenzo) Thermo-Lo is the worlds best skin blender. Thermo-Lo is not a laser, however it has been proven to be the best way to remove unwanted skin imperfections.