– Lorenzo in the 1950s

– Lorenzo in the 1950s

My name is Lorenzo Kunze and I have been part of the industry my entire life. I started at the Electrology Laboratory and Training Center in April of 1971, in Denver Colorado. Since then I have been a part of over 30 clinics and 3 colleges, either as an educator, owner or founder.


The picture to the right is of me shortly after I was adopted at the age of 5. My mother and father where both in the medical / aesthetic field as electrologists. You can see in the picture my mother’s sign for permanent hair removal on unwanted hair.


I saw at a early age the emotional aspect of helping people and how helping them look better, made them feel better about themselves. It changed my life forever and I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.


I always tell my protégés that by being adopted I not only acquired a family, but I obtained my life long profession.


I hope that you will have faith in me and allow me to assist you in your aesthetic and medical laser education.



Lorenzo Kunze started working at the Electrology Laboratory and Training Center in 1971. He has been either an educator, owner or director of over 30 clinics and was the founder of the world’s first aesthetic/medical laser college.

Lorenzo was adopted at the age of 5 years old by Walter and Helen Kunze in Denver Colorado. Click here to read about the 100 years of hair removal history with Lorenzo’s family. His adopted parents paid a grand total of $12.50 (court cost) for Lorenzo as he was classified as dyslectic and a hard to place child in the mid 1950′s. He had lived in 5 different foster care homes, an American Indian reservation and an orphanage before being adopted.

Lorenzo is a true survivor and an extreme optimist. He feels very fortunate to have been adopted not just into a family…but into a profession. Helen and Walter were both in the permanent hair removal business. Since 1948 his parents Walter and Helen Kunze started an electrolysis business (for 50 years) in their home. His mom Helen had roots in the electrology profession since 1890, as her uncles were pioneers in the electrolysis industry.

Having the luxury of being adopted is the reason that Lorenzo has enjoyed the many children that he and his wife Martha have mentored, educated and/or become legal guardianship to over the years. He actively supports adoption and foster care agencies that assist orphaned and abandoned children.

Lorenzo and his wife are “paying it back” or “paying it forward” to what was once given to them and they are loving every minute of it. Lorenzo believes that children today need role models, an example and/or a friend that will guide them through that winding and narrow path … called life.

Pictured below is Lorenzo Jr. – and a few of the children that Lorenzo Sr. and Martha have become guardians for over the past 25 years.


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Lorenzo Jr


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