Lorenzo Kunze, M.E.

Aesthetic and Medical Laser Educator



I, like many of you, realize that now is a very special time in the lives of medical and cosmetic professionals – as consumers are requesting, desiring and needing cutting edge technology.

Laser procedures are now a common occurrence and professionals need to be properly trained if they are going to survive in our everyday-work place.

The opportunity is now in your court, so take full advantage of it… luxuriate in its benefits…learn it correctly and most importantly…


ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY life to its’ fullest!


My present objective is to educate, promote and elevate cosmetic and medical professionals to the top of their fields. Through proper EDUCATION, the marriage of cosmetic and medical applications…will, can and has been a benefit for both the consumer and the allied health professional.


I have devoted over 40 years of building a career consisting of cosmetic and medical applications and procedures designed to enhance the electrology, cosmetic and medical profession. By teaching, working and associating with electrologists, aestheticians, physicians and fellow allied health educators’, we can see the advantages of developing proper medical protocol. These advancements, benefits and protocols will assist all enhancement specialists’ into the new millennium.


I have endeavored to be on the cutting edge of medical technology, cosmetic advancements and medical education and at the same time learning, educating and serving the public. Our patients/clients have recognized the psychological, cosmetic and medical rewards that are produced from our works. This has established in us an outstanding image, impeccable credibility and long-lasting confidence that makes it all worth providing.


My lifetime objective is to live life to its’ very fullest with an equal balance in my family, my work and my God (because of my imperfections…they are not always in that order)!




  • West High School Denver CO – Graduation
  • Electrology Training School, Denver CO – Graduation and Certification
  • Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood CO – Electrical
  • International Baking School, Thornton CO – Culinary Specialist
  • Transworld Management Training – Business Management
  • Rocky Mountain College, CO – Aesthetic and Medical Laser Instructor


Professional Experience: (updated 2/1/12)

  • 1971 – 2010 / Electrology Laboratory Inc., Denver, CO – Professional Electrologist – Medical Electrologist – sold to Ray and Jody Fluken /Jess Riggs
  • 1973 – 1976 / Esser Lueth Electrical Engineering, Lakewood, CO – Electrician
  • 1996 – 2005 / Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic, Denver, CO – Aesthetic and Medical Laser Specialist – Founder and Past Owner – sold to Jeffrey Raval, M.D.
  • 1996 – 2010 / Rocky Mountain Laser College, Denver, CO – Aesthetic and Medical Laser Professor – Founder and Past Owner – sold to Ray and Jody Fluken /Jess Riggs
  • 2006 – Present / Ask Lorenzo, International Laser Life Coach and Mentoring (DBA: The Laser Consultant) for medical and aesthetic laser professionals – Founder
  • 2010 – Present / Thermo-Lo – World’s Best Skin Blender (DBA: American Laser College)


Laser Associations: (present)


Laser Preceptorships: (past and present)

Quanta – Cynosure – Palomar – Hoya Conbio – Coherent – Candela – Smart Lipo

Altus / Cutera – Lumenis – Sciton – Aesculap – Syneron – US Medical – ESC

Medical – Thermo-Lo – Sandstone – BodyJet – Fotona – Kentek – Shaplan –

Fraxel – Eclipse


Speaking Engagements: (past and present)

Japan – Mexico – Canada – Australia – New Zealand – Spain – Turkey – United States – Jordan – Shanghai – Rome – Istanbul – England / UK – Barbados – Denmark – Sweden


Alabama (3), Arizona (6), California (13), District of Columbia, Florida (10), Georgia (3) Hawaii (2), Illinois (3), Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts (3), Maryland, Michigan (3), Minnesota (2), Missouri, Nevada (6), Nebraska, North Carolina (4), North Dakota (2), New Jersey, New Mexico (2), New York (21), Ohio (3), Oklahoma, Oregon (2), Pennsylvania (2), Utah (3), South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (11), Utah (2), Virginia, Washington (7), Wyoming (6)


Additional Professional Experience (USA): (past and present)

  • Rocky Mountain Laser College – Dennis Kotelko, M.D. – Denver CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser College – Kenneth Petri, M.D. – Denver CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser College – Clark Benjamin Zimmerman III, M.D. – Denver
  • Rocky Mountain Laser College – Jill Soyhada – Denver CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic – Brian Willoughby, M.D. – Denver CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic – Thomas Castellano, M.D. – Thornton CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic – Kimberlee Terry, M.D. – Denver CO
  • Harvard Park Dermatology – Stephen Eubanks, M.D. – Denver CO
  • Lakewood Laser Clinic – Brian Aikin, M.D. – Lakewood, CO
  • Rocky Mountain Laser College – Lester Cramer, M.D. – Colo Springs, CO
  • Artistic Center for Cosmetic Surgery – Ron Tegtmeier, M.D. – Golden, CO
  • Denver Dermatology Center – James Swinehart, M.D. – Denver, CO
  • Options, Center for Plastic Surgery, St. Joseph’s Hospital – Linda Huang, M.D.
  • American Academy of Micropigmentation – Charles S. Zwerling, M.D.
  • Lam School of Advanced Esthetics and Massage – Dr. Lam, Ph.D., N.D.
  • Mobile Laser Services – Jonathan Lee, M.D. – Denver, CO
  • Mexican Laser College – Luis A. Hernandez, M.D. (Espanol) – Mexico
  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) – New Jersey
  • National Commission for Electrologist Certification (NCEC) – New Jersey
  • American Heart Association – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – Denver, CO
  • American Council of Dermagraphic Research – Hair/Skin Histology – NY, NY
  • Dermouflage Clinic for Micropigmentation – Gasden, AL


Patents and Publications: (past and present)

  • Thermo-Lo, Skin Blender – FDA approved Radio Frequency Skin Machine
  • Laracaine, FDA approved Over the Counter (OTC) Skin Desensitizer
  • LoGo’s, OSHA approved Laser Goggles
  • LoCater / Monarch, thermo-paper template for laser hair and lesion removal
  • Hair Route Magazine, contributing editor
  • TieCro, men’s apparel, holds dress ties in place
  • Insight Laser Medical, contributing editor
  • AEA, Journal of Electrology, contributing editor


Awards: (past and present)

  • Pillar of Excellence – President’s Award (2003)
  • International Guild of Professional Electrologists – President’s Award (1991)
  • R. Hinkel Achievement Award – Electrology (1983)
  • Transworld International Management Recognition – Speakers Award (1983)
  • DPOS – Dept of Private Occupational Schools – Teachers Certification (1996)


Volunteer: (past and present)

  • Alpine Adoption
  • Jaycees of America
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • The Children’s Legacy
  • St. Judes Cancer Research Program
  • Adoption Network
  • Judi’s House